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Written Testimony before the Senate Lands Sub Committe of Jamie Connell Acting Deputy Director Bureau of Land Management. [April 25, 2013]

Direct quote BLM Testimony:

"We note that if S. 340 is enacted other corporations might seek similar legislation for the substitution of new lands. In addition, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service notes that if S. 340 is enacted as proposed and the Tongass Forest Management Plan is modified, the Service may have to review its findings not to list the southeast Alaska distinct population segment (DPS) of Queen Charlotte goshawk and the Alexander Archipelago wolf."

Former USFS employee on Prince of Wales Island re wanton waste of the wolf. [May 30, 2014]

Affidavit of ADF&G Biologist Dave Person on endangered Wolves. [Aug 15, 2013]

Jimmie Rosenbruch, representing Edna Bay and Territorial Sportsmen, tells Don Young at House Hearing Old Growth isn't dead, it is just big. [May 16, 2013]

Testimony of Matt Kirchoff, 30 year Alaska Department of Fish and Game wildlife biologist before the House Natural Resources Committee. [May 16, 2013]

Tribal Village of Kake wants cultural site management to stay with the Federal Government and no other corporation [including Sealaska]. [June, 2011]

Letter from New Mexico Chapter of the NRA. [2011]

Letter from Alaska Outdoor Council, Alaska state chapter of National Rifle Association. [May, 2011]

Letter from Oregon Chapter of the NRA. [2011]

Territorial Sportsmen Written Testimony Before Senate Energy Committee S 730. [May 25, 2011]

Letter from City of Thorne Bay. [May, 18 2011]

Testimony of Myla Poelstra, Edna Bay on Behalf of Nine Alaska Towns, before The US Senate Committee of Natural Resources. [May 25th, 2011]

Testimony Marcilynn A. Burke - Deputy Director, Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior. [May 25th, 2011]

Testimony The Honorable Harris Sherman - Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Agriculture. [May 25th, 2011]

Written Testimony of Wayne Regelin Before the Senate Natural Resources Committee. [May 25, 2011]

Letter from former Directors and Deputy Commissioners of Alaska Department of Fish and Game. [Apr 28th, 2010]

U.S. Department of Interior opposes landless claims. [Jul 24th, 1996]

... Hearings Before Congress ...

First Session, US House: HR1408 US Legislative Hearing. [May 26, 2011]

... Documents ...

Complaint in US Federal Court against the Secretary of Interior, Jewell, and USFWS re the three year delay making a finding on the world. [Filed: June 10, 2014]

USFS bid proposal per acre for Big Thorne, Prince of Wales Island. [Aug, 2013]

U.S. Attorney dismissal of complaint against Sealaska Board Member Byron Mallot's sister for building illegal cabin on a 40 acre island. [May, 2007]

Letter from VP of Sealaska asking the USFS to preserve the cabin of Sealaska Board Member Byron Mallott's sister. [March, 2008]